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After a year like 2020 (and 2021!) we all need to escape our homes and have some fun!

Imagine giving yourself the luxury of five days to create art. That is what you will do in this class with award-winning quilter Barbara Yates Beasley. She will teach you a low-tech pattern design technique that, when combined with raw-edged appliqué, will turn any photograph into a fun and eye-catching quilt.

The 5-day workshop will teach you how to see the details and values in your photograph that are needed to create a pattern, a pattern that will look like YOUR subject. You will then be able to choose fabric for a naturalistic art quilt or maybe one that has more fanciful colors. Special attention is paid to creating lifelike eyes that demand attention.

You only need to bring your photograph, and a few basic supplies including your sewing machine to the workshop. At the end of the class, you will have your own work of art to hang on the wall.

This technique is not limited to pets. If pets are not your area of interest bring a photo of a flower or other object. Think Georgia O’Keeffe size flower. I would not suggest using a human subject for your first project.

Supply list

Kit Fee: $15 covers harder to find items I provide. Other supplies you may want will be available for sale, including the supplies needed to finish on a stretched canvas.


If pets are not your area of interest bring a photo of a flower or other object. Think Georgia O’Keeffe size flower.


Supply List

• Pre-washed lightweight muslin, enough to use as a base
• Assorted fabric scraps. Bring more then you think you need and in a variety of colors. Nothing over a fat quarter in size.

• Your photo enlarged to the finished size of your quilt. No less than 11” x 17”. But no larger than 19” x 24”.  See Prep Work.

• Second copy of your photo in color and reversed. If the animal is looking right in the original, he should be looking left in this copy. This can be a smaller size.
• Sharp embroidery scissors, paper, and fabric scissors
• Foam core to use as a design board. This should accommodate the size or your work.

• Tweezers (optional)

• Stiletto (optional)


Additional items for 5-day class


• Batting (if finishing as a wall quilt)

• Backing fabric (if finishing as a wall quilt)

• Sewing machine and needed attachments.

• Threads: My favorites are variegated threads by Wonderfil and Superior Threads. Bring colors to coordinate with the fabrics you are bringing.


Prep Work:Before the class, pick a favorite photo of your animal. It should be clear and sharp with a good value range. I strongly suggest that you DO NOT posterize or otherwise limit the value levels in your image. If the image is dark and you have the software to lighten it a bit that is OK. The animal should fill the frame. If the eyes are an important part of the photo be sure you can actually see them. Keep it simple.


Have this enlarged to the size you would like to work with, but no more than 19” x 24”. The enlargement is best in color. You can use a B&W as long as you don’t lose detail in the shadows of the B&W image.  Be sure to bring a color copy, any size if your enlargement is B&W. Sometimes the colors will shift in an enlargement. This is OK. What you really need to see is the value changes.


Enlargements can be done at Kinko’s, Staples, Office Max, Walgreens, Costco that type of store. I hear that Costco may be the cheapest option. Often you will have better luck getting a clear print if you bring a hi-res file to the store on a thumb drive. You can also print it out on your home printer in tiles and tape it together.

Please be aware that this needs to be your own photo or one that you have been given permission to use. It is NOT OK to grab your favorite photo from the internet. Those photos do belong to an artist and you need to ask permission before using them as inspiration.

Instructor Name:
Barbara Yates Beasley


$ 600.00

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