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Do you have a favorite photo of your pet you want to turn into a work of art? Award-winning quilter Barbara Yates Beasley will teach you a low-tech pattern design technique that, when combined with raw-edged appliqué, will turn any photograph into a fun and eye-catching quilt.

This 3-day workshop will teach you how to see the details and values in your photograph that are needed to create a pattern, a pattern that will look like YOUR subject. You will then be able to choose fabric for a naturalistic art quilt or maybe one that has more fanciful colors. Special attention is paid to creating lifelike eyes that demand attention.

You only need to bring your photograph, and a few basic supplies to the workshop. At the end of the class you will be well on your way to creating your own work of art that you can then finish and quilt at home. We will discuss the various options and techniques for finishing as a quilt or as a canvas mounted piece ready to frame.

This technique is not limited to pets. If pets are not your area of interest bring a photo of a flower or other object. Think Georgia O’Keeffe size flower. I would not suggest using a human subject for your first project.

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Instructor Name:
Barbara Yates Beasley


$ 360.00

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