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Put aside your paintbrush and pick up your scissors to create your own unique art quilt!  In this class you will create a unique Collage quilt top, using one of the Fiberworks Teeny Tiny Collage Patterns, while learning the fabric art collage technique.   Prepare to have the most fun you’ve ever had with fabric!

Teeny Tiny Collage Class Supply List:

  • Teeny Tiny Fiberworks Pattern
  • Fabrics:

Between 40 to 50 (4"x 6") fabric pieces in 6 to 8 colors.  3 to 4 or your colors will be for your background, and 3 to 4 of your colors will be for your collage character.  4"x 6" fabric pieces fit nicely onto steam a seam 2. 

 Select colors which are used in the background as well as in the collage character, of your selected pattern.  For example, the Octopus has pinks, oranges, greens, teals, purples and blues.  The Turtle has teals, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples. 

 Choose color values ranging from light to dark

Some fabrics with cutable motifs are required, such as small scale florals.  Motifs which go with the theme of your pattern are also fun to include.  All small to medium scale, as your overall collage will be less than a foot and a half by two feet. 

You can’t have too many fabrics to choose from!

  • Pattern Ease: This will form the base of your collage, and should measure at least 19"x23" 
  • Regular Steam-a-Seam 2 (NOT LITE) - each pattern needs about 3 yards of 12 “ wide
  • Applique pressing sheet
  • Regular scissors
  • Small applique scissors for cutting the fabric motifs (Karen Kay Buckley or Tim Holtz scissors are perfect )
  • Small Cutting mat & rotary cutter
  • Access to a Steam Iron and an Ironing Board 
  • Black Sharpie pen

You will work on your Teeny Tiny quilt top in class.  You will need quilt binding, backing and batting to finish your quilt at home. 


Instructor Name:
Jan Donovan


$ 40.00

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