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Saturday – Sunday, August 3 and 4, 9:30 - 5:00 pm daily @ Lyons Quilting (upstairs)


Beginner though Advanced


Denise is constantly asked about the "stone", landscape, and sky fabrics that she uses in her quilts. There is just not much commercial fabric with the types of colors, textures, depth, and complexity that many quilters are looking for. So Denise – and participants – create their own!


In this hands-on fabric painting workshop (basically, the first two days of her Art Quilt Design Intensive workshop) participants learn (some oftentimes rather surprising) techniques for using sun-reactive transparent color paints to create uniquely textured and colored fabric. The focus is on how best to mix, apply, and layer paint; how to create and use resists; and how to cause (and control) layer-by-layer differential paint absorption, diffusion, blending, patterning, and mottling. The two days of hands-on painting ensures plenty of time for "guided experimentation" and techniques exploration.

Each participant completes the two days with a collection of their own highly textured fabric in the colors and textures that they themselves have selected to bring depth and complexity to their art quilt projects.


The two day schedule ensures plenty of time for in-depth hands-on "guided experimentation" and techniques exploration.

$245 (includes all paint supplies); optional fabric kit * (recommended; available at the start of the workshop from Denise – cash or check) for $65.00. A detailed supply list will be supplied after participant registration.


Again, call or stop by Lyons Quilting to sign up!  303.823.6067




Denise is a local Colorado fiber artist who creates art quilt portraits of Celtic megalithic stones and monoliths (think “Stonehenge”), and more recent (but still centuries old) monastic ruins. Her quilts are known both for their surprising emotionality and, technically, for her hand-painted fabric, surprising and assertive textures, perspective and shadowing, and craftsmanship and technique precision.


Denise has been a featured (solo) exhibiting artist and instructor at (national) exhibitions and related venues in the US, France, Italy, China, South Korea, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain. She is a multiple Quilt National award winner – both People’s Choice and the McCarthy Award for Craftsmanship – and has been an invited landscape and contemporary art quilting instructor at Georgia O’Keefe’s Ghost Ranch. She and her work have also been the subject of multiple in-depth articles in French, German, Italian, South Korean, and US magazines – including SAQA’s Art Quilt Collector, FiberArts Magazine, and Art Quilting Studio Magazine.




Denises workshops are highly interactive and very hands-on, and are focused more on the development of participant creativity, confidence, and experiential exploration and learning than on rigid, one-size-fits-all lesson plans or patterns her goal is to teach re-useable and replicable techniques and "lessons learned" that each participant's own creativity can then confidently expand on once away from the classroom. Denise is an accomplished quilter and instructor who enthusiastically, energetically, openly, and warmly shares her knowledge, and her design and color sense, without reservation. Denises classes are fun.


Note that the workshops are not specifically about stones, or even landscapes, but instead about fabric painting and construction techniques capable of dramatically improving overall quilt messaging and storytelling, color and texture, dimensionality, craftsmanship, and design integrity, regardless of quilt theme or focus.


Also note that the classroom will be open in the evenings, and Denise (after an early dinner) will there to continue working with any night owls!




*     Made available at Denise’s cost plus shipping – includes 1½ yards each of five different (very high quality) fabrics: white cotton Kona, Pima, and Sateen fabric; a white cotton-linen blend; and white silk organza. These are the same fabrics that Denise uses for her own quilts.

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$ 245.00

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