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This class will be upstairs in our new classroom!

Certified Judy Niemeyer Instructor Susan Sears    $100

Sundial is a fun new pattern from Quiltworx.  The 12 spokes are strip pieced using 2-1/2” strips.

Pattern:                 Sundial


Skill Level:             Advanced Beginner


Instructor:             Susan Sears


Special Notions:      6” & 12” Add-A-1/4” ruler

UHU Glue stick or similar washable glue stick (Elmer’s)

SewLine, Bohin, Fons & Porter or similar brand fabric glue pen

                          Microtex 70/10 needles

Flower head pins (I use the blue 0.45 mm Clover flower head pins & the yellow flower head pins)

                          Purple Thang or Stiletto

                          Scotch Tape

                          Stapler and Staple Remover

                          Strip of template plastic with a straight edge at least 3” x 12” long

Ziploc bags, one gallon size or larger (to organize pattern sections; I use the jumbo size)

                          Large Paper Clips, about 50 (to help with organization)

Rotary Cutting Mat (at least 12” square; not required but recommended)


Sewing Supplies:     Sewing Machine and accessories including your book

¼” presser foot for sewing accurate ¼” seams (a guided foot is not recommended)

50 wt thread for piecing



Seam Ripper

60 mm Rotary Cutter & Ruler


Class Information:


Sundial is a fun new pattern from Quiltworx that uses one 2-1/2” strip set for straight-lined foundation piecing and gentle curves for final assembly. 



These strips sets have been put together by Judy Niemeyer and Timeless Treasures*.  Each package contains 48-2 ½” strips, pre-sorted by Quiltworx into 6 groups of 8 strips, arranged light to dark. (You can cut your own strips if you desire but you will need to have them sorted into 6 groups of 8 strips from light to dark for class {we do not have time to sort them in class}).The sewing techniques that will be demonstrated include strip piecing the arcs and curved piecing.  Please read the pattern before class.  


You must have your 2-½” strip sets and pattern for the first class. 


I encourage you to check for pattern corrections on the Quiltworx website  Each pattern has a print date on the back page.


If you have any questions, please call or e-mail.


Thanks…See you in class!!!


Susan Sears



If you have previously taken a Quiltworx class and are comfortable doing so, please cut out the papers.  Remember, the Template Layout Sheet (TP) are cut out on the outside black line.  The Foundation Papers (NP) are cut out a fat 1/8” outside the black line.   You will need to cut out the A & B arcs for class.  If you have not taken a Quiltworx class previously, I will teach you how to cut out papers in the first class.



Instructor Name:
Susan Sears


$ 100.00

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