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Quilting with “rulers” is the newest thing! Come learn the technique and see how to create designs for some specific quilt blocks/shapes. We will cover both straight rulers and a variety of curves, as well as how to combine ruler work with traditional free motion quilting. There are some special supplies required – please read the supply list carefully. If you would like to have a practice sandwich that resembles the class sample, Lyons Quilting will have muslin that has a patchwork drawing. Students need to have taken Donna Mae’s Free Motion class or have a background with free motion quilting / sewing machine set up – we won’t be covering these basics.

Supply list:

Sewing Machine – your own sewing machine – the Bernina loaners are NOT available for this class. You need to be proficient in setting up your sewing machine for free motion quilting including dropping your feed dogs, changing feet, etc. This is not a beginner class in free motion quilting.

Specialty Sewing Machine foot – Free Motion Quilting Ruler Foot. You should contact a dealer for your sewing machine brand to find out what is recommended. For Bernina, it’s a #72 foot. You can purchase generic feet (low shank or high shank) made by Westalee on Amazon – but we recommend you discuss this with a dealer first. If you do not have this specialty foot, you will not be able to sew during class. This is for safety purposes, no exceptions.

Free Motion Quilting “Rulers” – In class, Mary will be covering specific uses for 3 of the Creative Grids rulers designed by Angela Walters – “Slim”, “Squiggy”, and “Archie”. These Creative Grids rulers are available at Lyon’s Quilting. You will definitely need a straight ruler with good markings such as Slim. Mary will also cover how to use rulers that are other shapes – feel free to bring any rulers you have that you want to experiment with. Mary especially recommends bringing a larger curved shape if you have one – 8” to 12” is great. There’s going to be a lot of rulers in the room – please mark them with your names.

Practice Quilt Sandwiches – You will be sewing most of the time in class, so don’t hesitate to bring plenty of quilt sandwiches. Mary will cover not only the techniques for using rulers, but also show you how to make designs for specific quilt block shapes – see the picture of the class sample. If you would like to work on a sandwich that looks like the class sample, Lyon’s Quilting will have the quilt blocks from this sample drawn on to a piece of muslin so you can replicate these designs without having to piece anything. This muslin drawing is completely optional – you can just use quilt sandwiches if you prefer. Without the muslin drawing, please bring 4 fat-quarter sized practice sandwiches – solid colored fabric works best such as muslin or Kona solids. Even if you do get the muslin drawing, bring at least 1 fat-quarter sized practice sandwich in addition so you have a warm-up piece.

Machine Sewing Thread – 50 weight thread that you have great experience with in your sewing machine. Mary requests that you bring a color that strongly contrasts so you can easily see your quilting.

All your favorite free motion sewing notions such as scissors, tweezers, seam ripper, gloves, Supreme Slider, etc. Lyon’s Quilting has Machingers and Supreme Sliders available for purchase. Mary recommends that you use a size 90 Microtex Sharp needle in your sewing machine. Please bring a marking pen or pencil such as blue water-soluble felt tip pen.

Optional book (you’re going to want one) – “Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book” by Amanda Murphy (available at Lyon’s Quilting)

Baste your practice sandwiches prior to class. You will not have time or space in class to baste. You can use any basting method you choose. Mary’s favorite way for practice sandwiches is to use fusible batting. Lyon’s Quilting will have fusible batting available for you. Please note – if you purchase a muslin drawing of the class sample, this will also require a backing fabric and basting prior to class.

We will be taking a lunch break; you can either bring a lunch or we will be placing an order from Lyons Dairy Bar

Questions? Contact Mary at or (520) 247-1359.

Instructor Name:
Mary Ramsey
Instructor Bio:
Mary Ramsey


$ 50.00

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