Lyons Great Outdoor Quilt Show
Saturday, August 12, 2017 from 9-4

Entry Information

We are looking for 75 good quilts to be part of The Lyons Great Outdoor Quilt Show on August 12 at Lyons Quilting.  Be part of this first ever quilt show that is sure to become an annual event!

We have got to be honest with you. This is a learning process for us as we explore the potential of having a full blown, annual Outdoor Quilt Show in the delightful town of Lyons.  For this first year, we will limit the Show to the premises of Lyons Quilting – can’t you picture your favorite quilt store covered in quilts? 

Basic Information

  •        One entry per person Registration is now full!  Thank you everyone!
  •        Entry forms open online until July 21(or until we have 75 quilts registered so don’t wait too long to enter!).
  •        Entry fee ($10.00) will be waived for this first year. 
  •        Quilts must be at least 36 x 36.  We can hang square or rectangle quilts – no odd shapes please.
  •        Please put a label on the back of your quilt with your name and phone number.
  •        We will need a photo of your quilt (email a photo to lyonsgreatoutdoorquiltshow@gmail.com)
  •        You don’t need a hanging sleeve for this show.
  •        Drop off will be at Lyons Quilting from July 12 – August 2, anytime during store hours.
  •        Quilt pick-up will be from August 13 – August 31, anytime during store hours. 
  •        This is not a juried show.  We will have a viewers choice award with gift certificates for Lyons Quilting going to the winners!

Now that you have the details, be part of the first Lyons Great Outdoor Quilt Show.  Registration is now full!

Questions?  Contact us at lyonsgreatoutdoorquiltshow@gmail.com


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